NEW YORK - This is, without a doubt, the most starry collection of wine we have ever offered, the Northern Lights, the Milky Way and the Midnight Sun all rolled into one!  These wines are the pinnacle of what vinous achievement is all about – they are, quite frankly, sublime. However, the collection of Don Stott was never just about acquisition – he adores wine, he has drunk the best and he has seen where they are made. When I talked to Don about his love of wine and how it was kindled, we conversed for over an hour before reaching 1963! He was introduced to wine young, when many Americans were more familiar with Martinis, and he committed himself to tasting as much as possible from the greatest producers. Buying with immense care, visiting the vineyards and opening thousands of bottles with (very lucky) friends became a vital part of his life.

Amazingly, this extraordinary sale can take place because, from a practical point of view, Don cannot drink his cellar dry! The quality, depth and rarity of what is in this auction are awe-inspiring. Pouring any of these wines is a life-enhancing experience and it is now open to all. The core of this unique collection is the outstanding Burgundy, breathtaking in its splendour. Those Burgundies that are magic in the mouth are all here, the most stunning wines from the most brilliant producers. When one thinks of the tiny quantities made from these jewel-like ‘climats,’ or plots, one almost gasps. It must have helped that Don Stott spent so much time in Burgundy and made strong friendships with the most talented growers, who all respected his great affection for their region.

It is invidious to pick out ‘high points’ of the sale because it is all infinitely desirable. I could start with a Jeroboam of Domaine de la Romanée-Conti’s Richebourg 1949, or some precious Chambolle Musigny Les Amoureuses from Roumier, or maybe another Jeroboam, this time Chambertin Clos de Bèze 1999 from Domaine Rousseau. Then I might wallow in some of the most magnificent Montrachets ever made, or choose Champagnes and Rhônes of mythical dimension. The German Rieslings are sensational, a veritable Almanach de Saxe Gotha of the most glittering wine estates, together with the wondrous Clos Ste Hune from Alsace, followed by majestic Bordeaux, Californian and Italian wines. 

This is a mouth-watering sale – there is no other word for it. We are immensely honoured to make this landmark collection available to our world-wide friends and clients. And, maybe the most exciting element of all is the fact that you can drink everything from now, if you so wish.   And wine lovers would wish it, with all their heart. Jealousy is not normally part of my make-up, but I confess to a twinge of the green one when I visualise drinking from this collection!