BORDEAUX – Bordeaux being the wine capital of the world, it is without surprise that I do often travel back home to visit clients, châteaux and, of course, family.

Perfectly located in the old town and facing the famous Grand Théâtre (one of the oldest 18th century Neoclassical opera house left in the world), the Noailles is a brasserie I always have had the pleasure to go.

The Grand Théâtre in Bordeaux.

This is not simply a very good restaurant – this is where the world of fine wine has met since 1932. I often think that my love affair with wine and, surprisingly, English culture started here. As a kid I would see elegant gentlemen from London in sharp Savile Row suits closing wine deals and writing primeur annotation (and allocation…) on the paper table cloth.

A poster for the aperitif lillet.

Because it is an institution, lunch should start with a very fresh glass of white lillet (an aperitif wine created in the late 19th century in Bordeaux) while listening to the advice of the garçons, some of whom have worked here for decades. The menu is quite varied, the wine list extensive, but again we are in Bordeaux!

I recently had the avocado and crayfish salad topped up with a delicate citrus ice cream, which was paired with a glass of a very lemony and tempting Larrivet Haut-Brion blanc.

A bottle of Larrivet Haut-Brion blanc.

I would always recommend going for lunch so you can indulge yourselves with a three-course meal and especially the famous dessert… and pour vous faire saliver, here is a picture… it says it all.

An assorted variety of delectable pastries from the Noailles brasserie.