Michelangelo Pistoletto for Ornellaia 2010 the Celebration of its 25th Anniversary.

LONDON - On 16th May, an auction of wines from the famous producer Ornellaia will be offered in aid of the Royal Opera House Foundation in London. As Sotheby’s prepares to take the sale, Michelangelo Pistoletto discusses the unique labels he created for the event.
How did this collaboration come about?
The initial idea came from Bartolomeo Pietromarchi, the director of the Macro Museum in Rome. He has a great interest in the relationship between wine and art and thought it would be an interesting project to create something around bottles of wine – he invited me to Ornellaia for supper, which is the best way to convince me!
What was your inspiration for the designs you created?
My works are based on reflection, so I thought it would be interesting to explore this with an object: the black reflection of the bottle and the mirror of the label, which gives a silver reflection. I sought to express flexibility and liquidity in this work. The bottle design is the opposite shape to a square – the square is both the traditional shape for a painting and for a wine label and here I escaped both.
Did creating something for a wine bottle require a different approach to your usual way of working?
I certainly had to approach the subject differently – which gave me the possibility of inventing something around a new object in a new situation by interacting with the bottle itself. I don’t like to be drunk but perhaps a little inebriated. This is an inebriated form.
Is it important to support a cause such as the Royal Opera House?
This is very important to me, this merging of two artistic traditions – wine and opera. I like the idea of supporting such a traditional art form as opera, and wine also has a long tradition. I love the performance around the opera and the celebration of life. Opera is very Italian, like both myself and the wine.