LONDON - Last weekend may have been the first of spring in England, where we finally saw that golden orb in the sky that purports to be the sun. Our lunch host invited us out into the garden with those three glorious words, "glass of rosé?"

"Why, yes please," was the only appropriate response.

Bright yellow daffodils lined the border of the garden and a warm breeze gently swept across the lawn while the children ran around barefoot, squealing with delight having abandoned their usual five layers of clothes and wellington boots.

The pale pink, almost onion skin coloured liquid glistened as the sun bounced through the glass, with none of the garish 1980s luminous pink hue that is found on supermarket shelves throughout the summer months.

Provence is the first place I head to when I think pink and thankfully so does our host. This example was wonderfully fresh on the nose, floral and, dare I say it, spring like! A blend of Cinsault, Syrah and Grenache, it had perhaps developed a little weight over the winter months (haven’t we all!) but at 12.5% alcohol it was not at all heavy and the second glass danced across my palate with even more joy than the first. This was nothing too serious or cerebral but simple, honest and delicious wine. Coupled with the sun, the sounds and smells of spring and great company, I couldn’t imagine a more appropriate moment to be enjoying it.

The next wine sale at Sotheby’s London will be Finest and Rarest Wines, 22 May 2013.