HONG KONG AND NEW YORK - The closing of the world’s most famous restaurant has led to the greatest gastronomic innovation of our day, the creation of theelBulli Foundation, and it is an immense privilege to introduce the sale of the elBulli Wine Cellar, which will contribute to Ferran Adrià’s extraordinary new project.

Chefs prepare a dish at the famous elBulli restaurant. Courtesy of the elBulli Foundation.

Ferran Adrià is the most inspirational and revolutionary chef of our time, a totally original mind in contemporary gastronomic history. An untiring explorer into the realms of taste, he brings science and cooking together in an exciting embrace. The creation of the elBulli Foundation will allow him to advance even further, going to the heart of gastronomic creativity, nursing ideas and bringing them to fruition. He believes that harnessing technology is the only way that cooking will continue to evolve and the work of the Foundation will feed into the online database of La Bullipedia, an all-encompassing fount of gastronomic knowledge that will be a cornerstone of reference for the future. The scope, range and technological brilliance of the operation will profoundly influence gastronomy for years to come. This is cooking as a language.


A signed wine bottle from the upcoming elBulli Wine Cellar sale.

Those of us lucky enough to have dined at elBulli will never forget the extraordinary sensations laid before us. There was both an explosive genius about the food and a calm, professional way in which it was delivered, and the extra ingredient in these meals was, of course, the enticing, and phenomenally interesting, wine list. Co-owner Juli Soler was the passionate wine lover behind the range of superb wines, which include: sublime Sherries, delicious bottles from Alsace, Burgundies, Bordeaux, Rhônes, gems from Catalonia and Ribera del Duero, the best from Rioja, classic Italians, German and Australian wines—as well as special creations and bottlings produced for elBulli alone. All feature a specially designed elBulli sticker with many bottles signed by Ferran Adrià and Juli Soler.
In addition, the sale will now include the opportunity to dine alone with the famed elBulli chef as well as a range of memorabilia and equipment that was used in the elBulli kitchen. Specially designed serving trays, knives, crockery, signed menus and chef’s jackets are among the many unique items offered. You might not have been able to go to the restaurant but you now have the chance to spend an evening with the world’s greatest chef, and to take a small part of elBulli home to your own kitchen!