This week, The Guardian reviews On the Verge of Insanity: Van Gogh and His Illness, a new exhibition at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam that hopes to dispute the myth that the artist's “madness” was the source of his revolutionary painting. In the world of exciting new wines, Bloomberg Pursuits explores Valle de Guadalupe, a region in Mexico that is quickly becoming an international hotspot for both luxury travel and fine wine connoisseurship. In Brazil, ArtNews delves into the artists and galleries of Rio de Janeiro in time for the 2016 Summer Olympics.

In case you missed last week’s edition of The Canvas, explore the fate of a famous portrait of Queen Elizabeth I, discover incredible vintage car ads and meet 20 emerging Chinese artists here. 

The Myth and Madness
of Vincent Van Gogh 

A new exhibition at the Van Gogh Museum explores the artist’s late work, the myths surrounding his mental instability and whether a clinical interpretation of his paintings diminishes his artistic genius. (The Guardian)

Mexico’s Exciting New Wine Country 

Lying six hundred miles south of Napa Valley, Valle de Guadalupe is a region of lush green vineyards that is turning out some of the continent’s most exciting New World wines. From stylish boutique hotels to internationally acclaimed restaurants, Mexico’s burgeoning new wine region has it all.
(Bloomberg Pursuits)

Technology and Modern Life
at the Seattle Art Fair 

The Seattle Art Fair, started by the Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, opened last week for its second year. Featuring artists such as Dawn Kasper, Adam McEwen and Wynne Greenwood, the fair explored the thriving art scene of Seattle and the Pacific Northwest. (The New York Times)

A City of Contradictions:
Art in Rio de Janeiro

In the months before the 2016 Summer Olympics, several Brazilian artists and galleries explored the social contradictions that underlie the tropical beaches and dramatic views of Rio de Janeiro. (ArtNews)

10 Icons of Brutalist Architecture 

Originating in England in the wake of World War II, Brutalism was a utilitarian and radical take on Modernist architecture. From the Breuer to the Barbican, explore ten of the world’s most iconic examples of this striking style. (Artsy)

Eyes Up: The People Restoring
Amazing Ceilings 

While elaborate ceiling frescoes were considered the height of Baroque art, many have fallen into disrepair with the passing centuries. In recent years, several restoration firms and nonprofits have specialised in repairing these fragile masterpieces. (Telegraph)

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