The 21st-century art world is increasingly global in scope, with artists and institutions from every nation forging partnerships, sharing art and drawing inspiration from each another. Likewise, this week's stories come from multiple countries, and highlight the diverse and international nature of the art community. In our lead story, The Art Newspaper asked curators, architects and artists from all over the world to name their favourite museum spaces. In the United States, The Huffington Post covers artists’ powerful responses to the recent racially charged shootings, while The Guardian explores American artist Spencer Tunick’s latest piece of performance art in England, where thousands of volunteers painted their bodies with blue paint.

If you missed last week’s edition, catch up on David Hockney’s new portrait exhibition, the reopening of the Ritz Paris and the van Gogh of robots here.

What Makes a Great Museum?

With the innovative architecture of Museo Guggenheim Bilbao, Frank Gehry set a new precedent for the design of cultural institutions. Asked to name their favourite museum building, leading artists, architects and curators weigh in on the most successful spaces – and on the ones that fall short. (The Art Newspaper)

Thousands Get Naked for Spencer
Tunick’s Newest Artwork

More than 3,000 volunteers gathered at dawn on Saturday in the city of Hull to shed their clothes, don blue body paint and pose. Organised by American photographer Spencer Tunick, the Sea of Hull takes aim at the issue of global rising sea levels. See additional photos from the three-hour shoot or read one participant's personal account. (The Guardian)

8 Homes Showcasing Damien
Hirst Paintings

With their vivid colours and unique patternss, Damien Hirst’s artworks make an exceptional addition to any interior. From the massive butterfly painting in Daphne Guinness’s Manhattan residence to the pill cabinet in Amy and John Phelan’s Aspen chalet, see some of Hirst’s most noteworthy works in stunning homes. (Architectural Digest)

How Artists Are Supporting #BlackLivesMatter 

Following the fatal shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile last week, artists took to the internet, social media and the streets to share support and add their calls for justice to the nation’s response. (The Huffington Post)

Finding Life-Altering Art in Alsace

Novelist Francine Prose recounts her recent trip to Alsace, during which she explored the beautiful countryside of northeast France, enjoyed superb food and discovered the awe-inspiring Isenheim Altarpiece, among other artistic treasures. (The New York Times)

German Parliament Passes
Cultural Heritage Law

On Saturday, the German parliament ratified a new law aimed at reducing the illegal trafficking of looted antiquities. The Cultural Property Protection Law has been met with significant opposition from German art dealers, museums and private collectors, who call it the most stringent import and export legislation for cultural objects in the world. (Artsy

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