There is no place more fascinating than the art world, but merely keeping up with news about artists and museums, collectors and art fairs, trends and breakthroughs can be challenging even for the most voracious reader. With ‘The Canvas,’ our goal is to bring you a concise selection of the stories from around the web we think you shouldn’t miss: important news, exciting happenings and new initiatives, and some unexpected gems. Enjoy!

How Tate Modern Has
Shaped the Audience for Art

As they celebrate the unveiling of the new extension, leading curators, museum directors and critics reflect on the Tate’s achievements, including how it has blazed a trail that others – MoMA and Centre Pompidou, included – have since followed.
(Apollo Magazine)

Meet the New Dutch Masters – of Taxidermy

In a converted abattoir in Amsterdam, Ferry van Tongeren and Jaap Sink are creating masterpieces of colour, texture, character and depth in preserved fauna. Used by Damien Hirst, the Dutch taxidermists take their inspiration from the rich work of such 17th-century Dutch painters as Jan Weenix, Melchior d’Hondecoeter and Adriaen van Oolen.
(Telegraph UK

The Story of Wealth and Power Told by
World Time Watches

The dials and bezels from 25 world time watches, dating from 1951 to 2016, reveal how the major cities representing individual time zones have changed over time. Not surprisingly, London, Tokyo, Sydney and New York have remained constant. Discover the replacements for Baghdad, Réunion, Bombay and San Francisco. (Financial Times

This Museum for Wine Includes a
Virtual Boat Ride and 3D Displays

Along the fertile Garonne River in Bordeaux is La Cité du Vin, a new 10-storey museum dedicated to the process, culture and history of winemaking. In the words of museum founder and former French Prime Minister Alain Juppé, “La Cité du Vin will be my Guggenheim.” À votre santé! (Smithsonian

The Ungraspable Value of the World’s Largest Diamond

Lesedi La Rona, “our light” in Botswana’s native tongue, is the largest diamond in the world at 1109-carats. Unearthed in 2015 and nearly three billion years old, the gem-quality diamond will take the unusual path of being put up for auction as a rough stone, allowing collectors and diamantaires alike to imagine the possibilities as a polished gem to rival the Great Star of Africa in the British royal sceptre. (The New Yorker)

A Fruitful Harvest Leads to a British Bubbly Boom

Premium English sparkling wine has long been seen as on-par with top champagnes. Now there is evidence that the critical success is leading to a sharp rise in production. This has been helped along by last year’s long, warm spring and summer, resulting in high-quality grapes in large volumes. (The Guardian

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