There is no place more fascinating than the art world, but merely keeping up with news about artists and museums, collectors and art fairs, trends and breakthroughs can be challenging even for the most voracious reader. With ‘The Canvas,’ our goal is to bring you a concise selection of the stories from around the web we think you shouldn’t miss: important news, exciting happenings and new initiatives, and some unexpected gems. Enjoy!

Stolen 61 Years Ago,
Famous Stamp Discovered

One of the most famous stamps in history, the misprinted Inverted Jenny, has re-emerged after being stolen in 1955. Owned by the daughter of one of the founders of Dow Jones & Company, the stamp emerged in May in New York City in the possession of a man who had recently inherited it from his grandfather. 
(The New York Times)

Rome's Banksy Retrospective
Reopens Speculation on the Elusive Artist

A major exhibition of the secretive British street artist runs through 4 September at Rome's Palazzo Cipolla museum. The show features over 100 paintings, prints and sculptures and is thought to be the largest curated exhibition of his work. (France 24)

Tintype Returns After 150 Years

To make the world's largest Tintype, British artist duo Walter & Zoniel turned the "Dead House" space at Somerset House in London into a huge camera. While the subject must pose motionless for 30 seconds under bright lights, the result is an ethereal yet resilient photographic image on a sheet of metal seven feet by four feet. (CNN)

Ancient Treasures from
the Uffizi Come Online

Florence’s Uffizi Gallery is home to some of the most famous Renaissance paintings, though lesser known are its remarkable holdings of ancient sculpture. In collaboration with Indiana University, the Uffizi is now digitizing its sculpture collection, with the goal of making it accessible on the web by 2020.
(The New York Times)

Zaha Hadid Remembered

The design and architecture world is still reeling from the untimely death of the great Zaha Hadid in March. While in Venice for the 15th Biennial of Architecture, dealer Kenny Schachter recalls his friend. (ArtNet News)

Other Stories We Love

• A 3,800-year-old mummy of a revered Egyptian woman, Lady Sattjeni, has been discovered in Southeastern Egypt (Daily Mail)

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