NEW YORK – In an increasingly online world, efficiency and convenience – without sacrificing quality or creativity – is key. Laurel & Wolf, a company where interior design meets e-commerce, has mastered this balance thanks to its streamlined and original concept of connecting customers with professionals, giving their audience access to style boards and personalised help. We spoke with Leura Fine, the founder and CEO behind Laurel & Wolf, about her top interior design tips, how to quickly update a room and why we should fill our walls with art.


What is your number one design rule?
The devil is in the details. Oftentimes, people forget the little things, and those are what make a good space really great. A designer not only can help with big choices like sofas or wallpaper, but more importantly, they understand how to bring it all together. 

Is there a major or “classic” design rule you like to break?
"Don't fight the architecture" is a classic rule, but I think the days of designing all in one style for a particular type of home are gone. I've seen fantastic Spanish bungalows designed in interesting, contemporary styles as well as modern architecture with fabulous antiques and traditional furnishings. Let your imagination run wild and mix it up. 

What is the first thing you should do when designing a room?
Start with the floor plan. You can't begin working on the design elements until you understand how you are going to lay out the space. Once you have a solid plan in place then you can think about the finishes and furniture. 


Finish this sentence: No room is ever complete without ______.

How can someone easily update their home?
Paint is a very easy way to instantly freshen up a home. Or add new accessories. New pillows, decorative objects and art can all dramatically change the way a space feels.

Do you have any advice for integrating art into a home?
Buy what you love. The value of a piece isn't in its price tag, but in why it speaks to you. There are great pieces out there, and it is really about the why. Sometimes you'll find an incredible piece and want to design an entire space around it, and other times you will find a piece that is the perfect finishing touch. 


What are your tips for first time antique buyers?
Do your homework. It can be daunting when you start buying antique/vintage pieces, especially if you don't know what they should cost. Also, know how you are going to incorporate the pieces into your decor. Often people will fall in love with something and then have no idea where it will actually live in a space. 

Could you name any final tips you have for people who are interested in interior design?
Most importantly, a home should be as unique as the people that live there. With that being said, here are a few design rules that I live by: Don't be afraid of colour. Buy things for your home when you travel. Mix materials and textures to create visual interest. Have multiple layers of lighting in every space. Buy art! There is no excuse not to decorate your walls. 

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