NEW YORK – "No room is ever complete without art," says Katie Armour Taylor, founder of the popular and inspiringly chic lifestyle blog The Neo-Trad. Perennially on the hunt for the best in design, fashion, museums and travel around the world, Taylor understands the value of the relationship between interiors and art. We spoke with her about finding art for your home, her personal style and which pieces from Sotheby's upcoming timed online auctions Made in America: American Realism 1960–2000 and Made in America: 19th Century Paintings she'd want to add to her own collection.


What are your thoughts on the conversation between art and design?
Strong design can bring out the best in a piece of art and vice versa. I love designing homes so that art is the focal point. 

Do you have any tips for integrating art into your decor?
I believe in buying what your love. Look for pieces that enhance your space and speak to your personal tastes and interests. Your art collection should reflect who you are and what intrigues and fascinates you. If you buy pieces you love, you'll never regret the purchase, whether or not it appreciates in value.

What’s the best piece of interior design advice you ever received?
To collect over time. Homes that are decorated in haste often appear staged and stuffy. Interiors that have evolved over the years are far more engaging and have personality.

How would you describe your personal aesthetic?
I joke that my style is "granny chic." I love older pieces with a sense of history paired with streamlined accents. Everything Alessandro Michele is designing for Gucci (the embroidered pillows at the runway show!) is right up my alley.

What inspired you to create The Neo-Trad?
I've always preferred classics over trends, and founded The Neo-Trad in 2009 to gush about all the quirky things, past and present, that I love. From Staffordshire Spaniels to Elizabeth Peyton, I've covered a lot of ground since. These days I write about exhibits I've enjoyed, homes I've toured, and fashion I covet – it's an endlessly evolving mix.

The Neo-Trad also includes stories on travel. How have your adventures around the world informed your taste in design?
I've been to nine countries since moving to Copenhagen in March and have no intention of stopping! Traveling, cliche though it may sound, is an endless source of art and design inspiration. From flea markets to galleries, there's never a shortage of beautiful things to be found on my journeys. I just toured Villa Necchi Campiglio in Milan, and now I want a rationalist-style home littered with malachite ashtrays. Experiencing interiors around the world encourages me to be more fearless and experimental in my own design choices.

Click below to see which pieces from Sotheby's upcoming auctions Made in America: American Realism 1960-2000 and Made in America: 19th Century Paintings caught Taylor's eye.


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