For this year’s Sotheby's Designer Showhouse and Auction, twelve established and up-and-coming designers are curating signature rooms with unique pieces from a range of Sotheby’s departments, including 20th Century Design, Prints, Silver, Photography and English furniture. Here, Christi Rogers, who is creating the Showhouse Pantry Bar, shares her design philosophy, tips for new collectors and more.

For Rogers, who divides her time between New York and Paris and has worked in Prague and London, travel has become a crucial influence on her work, and it has deepened her appreciation for interiors around the world. For her, a house should always do one thing: “Tell the story of who lives there,” she says.


Describe your aesthetic in three words.
Alluring, confident, wide-ranging.

What is your number one design rule?
Listen to your client.

Is there a major rule you like to break?
There are several little ones I break all the time: unusual colour combinations, mixing metals and time periods and unexpected wall coverings.

Finish this sentence: No room is ever complete without ______.


What adjectives would you use to describe the perfect pantry bar?
Inviting, entertaining, functional, beautiful.

Were there any pieces you discovered during this process that you especially fell in love with?
Anything by Johnny Swing and Yves Klein.

Do you have any tips for integrating art into a room?

It’s not about choosing a specific piece for the room; it’s about finding a piece that resonates with its owner. You need to come home everyday and love it.

What advice do you have for new buyers of antique and art?
Make sure craftsmanship and materials are top quality. Find a connection between different pieces and consider how they will interact with what you already own.


What is the smartest piece of furniture someone can invest in?
A conversation piece that is unexpected, unique and sometimes unusual.

Are there any designers whose work has influenced or inspired you?

Alberto Pinto, Jacques Garcia and Andrée Putman.

Which shops (for wallpaper, furniture, carpet, etc.) are your all-time favourites?
Accessories: End of History (New York City)
Lighting: Boutique Sarah Lavoine (Paris) and Galerie Glustin Luminaires in Le Marché Biron (Paris)
Wallpaper: Alpha Workshops (New York)
Carpet: Fort Street Studio (New York)
Fabrics: Nobilis and Romo