NEW YORK – As head of fine jewellery line Sidney Garber, trustee of the Whitney Museum, vice chair of Lincoln Center Theatre and co-founder of the Child Mind Institute, Brooke Garber Neidich keeps pretty busy. But when she does have a moment, the businesswoman and activist loves to explore the world. We spoke with Neidich about her best luggage tip, the photographs she found in Saint-Tropez and her picks from Wanderlust: Timed Online Auction, a sale of furniture and decorative arts dedicated to the life and spirit of the traveller.


What are some of the most beautiful interiors or examples of architecture you’ve seen around the world?
I think there are things that just sort of strike your heart when you see them, some are old and some are newer. I have a really good friend who lives in Tuscany and her home from the 1500s is probably the most beautiful one I’ve ever seen–very warm and cosy and romantic. It’s where my oldest son was married. Then I also loved seeing the Fondazione Prada recently. Museums really excite me.

Have you discovered any favourite shops during your travels?
There’s Paul Bert Serpette, within the Saint-Ouen flea market, and Michele Aragon for antique textiles in Paris. I also really love the flea market in Saint-Tropez. I bought these beautiful photographs of artists there. They’re by Michel Sima, a sculptor who became a photographer after he was injured in the war and couldn’t work anymore. He became friends with all the artists like Picasso and Duchamp and took their portraits.

Do you have any other favourite souvenirs?
The first time my husband and I went to Italy together, I brought back some watercolours I had bought on the street. They’re really charming–and tiny. It’s smart to buy tiny, because you have to get it back.

Is there something you always pack without fail?
Yes–an extra nylon bag. I always carry on, but will check luggage coming home, so it’s good to have.


What is the next place on your travel bucket list?
My bucket list is vast. I’ve never been to India and I’m dying to go. That would be my number one choice, but I also really want to visit Iceland. Then one of my son’s best friends from college is getting married in Copenhagen this summer, so I would love to do that.

You recently moved downtown–how would you describe your new apartment?
Many things, a lot of our furniture, stayed the same, but the apartment itself is so much lighter. It’s flooded with light. I also used lots of blues that I haven’t used before. I wanted it to be a little bit bohemian and eclectic. It’s a mix of all the things my husband and I have gathered during our 35-year lifetime together.

How do you think your style has evolved over the years?
I take more risks and I’m less prissy than I was. I know what I really like to live with.  Being around art all the time has also inspired me. I take a lot of risks in art, so it was natural to take them in design. Not that anyone is going to walk into my apartment and be shocked by the risks I took, but I feel more confident and free to mix things up. That said, I’m thrilled to have the eye of a real decorator. Thad Hayes and I have worked together for over twenty years. His aesthetic is much more pure than mine, much more pristine. I’ve sort of said, “How about a fringe? How about a layer here?”

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