LOS ANGELES – On 22 March, in a quintessentially Los Angeles house of his own design, Bradley Bayou, along with his partner, Mark Itkin, welcomed influencers from entertainment, art and other creative industries for drinks with a breathtaking view. The Bayou house is a customised showplace for works of art – which, on this occasion, included Andy Warhol’s Self-Portrait (Fright Wig), from Sotheby’s upcoming Contemporary Evening auction. On hand to discuss the work was Courtney Kremers of Sotheby’s Contemporary Art, also joined by Andrea Fiuczynski, Managing Director, Sotheby’s West Coast, and Sotheby’s Frank Everett, who brought with him the dazzling Shirley Temple Blue Diamond for one of its first viewings. Among the crowd were Sheri Salata, Fred Silverman, Peter Ma, Dolores Robinson and Don Johnson. View our slideshow for more.