Lygia Clark’s Óculos, 1968. © Courtesy of World of Lygia Clark Cultural Association. © 2014 Eduardo Clark.

NEW YORK - Lygia Clark The Abandonment of Art is on view at MoMA until the 24th of August. This is the first comprehensive exhibition in North America dedicated to the Brazilian artist who in recent years has garnered much-deserved praise from museums and collectors alike. The Abandonment of Art includes around 300 works, ranging from the late 1940s to the early 1980s, encompassing much of Clark’s entire body of work.

Currently on view at the Museum of Modern Art, Lygia Clark’s Casulo (Cocoon) NO 2 sold for $360,000 in the November 2014 auction of Latin American Art.

MoMA did an exceptional job installing what can be considered very difficult and delicate three-dimensional works. The visitor is easily able to travel from room to room and successfully absorb the journey the artist took from Avant-garde modernism to some of the early ideas that shaped contemporary art.

Lygia Clark’s Bicho-EM-SI-MD (Nº IV), 1960. To be offered in the May 2014 Latin American Art Auction. Estimate $400,000-600,000.