2013 was a remarkable year for the art market by any measure, but foremost among them is the number of artist’s records that were achieved. The enthusiasm for great works by masters from Europe to the Far East, past to present, has never been stronger. Below are just a few of the artist’s records that were set in 2013.


Andy Warhol
(Silver Car Crash) Double Disaster

$105.4 million
13 November | New York



Norman Rockwell
Saying Grace
$46 million
4 December 2013 | New York


Barnett Newman
Onement VI
$43.8 million
14 May | New York


Gerhard Richter
Domplatz, Mailand [Cathedral Square, Milan]

$37.1 million
14 May | New York


Zeng Fanzhi
The Last Supper

$23.3 million
5 October | Hong Kong

Cy Twombly

Poems to the Sea

$21.7 million
13 November | New York


Zao Wou-Ki

$14.7 million
1 December | Beijing


El Greco
Saint Dominic in Prayer

$13.9 million
3 July | London



Giacomo Balla
Automobile in Corsa

$11.5 million
6 November | New York