MUMBAI - The Mumbai gallery scene is bustling with activity, and there are plenty of shows to see, as gallerists look forward to the influx of clients visiting the country, either on holiday or for the inaugural Kochi-Muziris Biennale.

Half Life Form (2012), Aditya Pande. Courtesy of Chatterjee & Lal.

Among the galleries presenting solo shows, the Hamra Abbas exhibition titled ‘Idols’ at Jhaveri Contemporary is well worth a visit. This is the artist’s Indian solo debut and explores Abbas’ recurring themes of home, displacement and ‘the everyday.’ The artist’s superior skills are highlighted in her carefully painted miniature portraits of 99 children, as well as her wall-mounted sculptures of intricate designs, created from thousands of miniscule strips of paper imprinted with the word ‘love.’

Idols (2012), Hamra Abbas at Jhaveri Contemporary until December 22nd 2012. Courtesy of Jhaveri Contemporary.

Aditya Pande’s exciting new body of work titled Half-Life ended last week at Chatterjee and Lal.  Showcasing a suite of mixed media on paper works and a video, Mort Chatterjee states that “Pande has teased out a multiplicity of meaning, re-wiring familiar imagery to be read as something quite other.” The works contain circles and semi circles, alluding to the presence and absence of structures. Nuclear explosions are depicted in the background, referring to the title, as ‘half-life’ is the term typically used to describe the property of radioactive decay. First printed, then worked upon, framed and then painted upon again, the many layers of the thought process are evident. The next show at Chatterjee & Lal, Narcissicon, will showcase works by Kiran Subbaiah, the artist’s second solo show in India this year.

For December and January, I recommend the shows in the slideshow below: