LONDON - This video for the song The Masterplan by Oasis is one of those great YouTube discoveries – tipped off by a friend – that you just have to share.

The combination is perfect: Lowry, Manchester's most famous artist, Oasis, the city's best-known band of the last 30 years. But it is more than that: Lowry's pared-back, dead-pan style, his poetic evocation of hard times in the industrial north of England is in perfect harmony with this most laconic and elegiac of Gallagher songs, sung by Noel, in his reigned-in style, rather than by Liam. The way Liam is animated is brilliant – that swaggering walk, leaning back, arms swinging, – is pure Manchester in the early ‘90s, when Oasis emerged out of the ‘Madchester’ scene, yet it is a loping gait Lowry would have known and which he would have effortlessly captured. Liam is definitely Lowry's kind of person – an everyday fella, with a glint in his eye that makes him much more than everyday, a proper Mancunian.

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