One thing you learn from meeting Jordan Hembrough, a professional toy dealer, pop culture expert, and television host for Discovery Channel and Quest TV, is that there are Star Wars fans – and then there are Star Wars fans. It’s a life-long passion that he shares with many of his clients, including NIGO®, the Japanese entrepreneur and fashion sensation whose personal trove of Star Wars collectibles will be sold in Sotheby’s upcoming auction Return of the NIGO.

“There’s a saying in Lucasfilm that Star Wars is forever,” says Hembrough. “The story is forever. It’s the same core feeling that good will prevail that has been around since Greek mythology. Everyone can relate to it. And that’s why Star Wars has touched so many people for so many years. Everyone can look at the trilogies and pick out something that’s personal to them.”

Even so, to find a collector as dedicated as NIGO® doesn’t happen every day. “I have to tell you – I’ve been doing this for about 25 years and NIGO®’s collection is one of the most complete and pristine I’ve seen in a long time. What’s even better is it’s from someone who loved it and who truly took pride in it.”

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