Francesco Scavullo was drawn to powerful, strong muses throughout his career – one of which was Debbie Harry, singer and founder of the band Blondie. He ended up photographing Harry multiple times, including in 1979, the same year Blondie was featured on the cover of Rolling Stone after their third album Parallel Lines and the single "Heart of Glass" became worldwide hits. We caught up with Harry to ask about the experience of sitting for Scavullo.



"Being shot by Francesco Scavullo those many years ago stands out in my mind clearly as one of the high points of my career," says Harry. "As with great artists and photographers, he knew what he wanted and how to get the results he needed. I think the first thing we did together was a High Times cover. Pierre La Roche and Steven Sprouse did the makeup and styling. They all made it seem remarkably easy and I felt at ease knowing how professional they all were. Everytime I work with someone like Francesco, I make discoveries either about myself or about the craft. I remember saying to myself afterwards that there wouldn't be as many exceptional shoots as this, ever."