Francesco Scavullo had an eye for beauty – and he certainly wasn't blind to the charms of legendary knock-out Christy Turlington. "She reminds me of a countess," he once wrote. "Not a drop of commoness in her." Throughout their collaboration, Scavullo photographed Turlington for every major fashion magazine of the time, including Harper's Bazaar, Vogue and Cosmopolitan. We caught up with the super model to ask about her work with the late photographer, only to find out that her favourite image of all was right in front of us.


When did you and Francesco first meet?

I met Francesco Scavullo on a go-see at his studio when I was in New York City for the summer in 1985.

How was it working together?

His studio was legendary and there were photos on all the walls from movie posters and magazine covers. It was a small studio on the ground floor of his townhouse on the Upper East Side. He was always so excited to show off his latest photos and would come into the makeup room frequently to check on my progress, always eager to get started.

What do you think makes a Scavullo photograph so special?

He was such a glamorous person who represented the most glamorous time in New York. Francesco truly appreciated the work that went into creating a glamorous effect. I was very young when I first worked with him, but he treated me with respect and always wanted to collaborate in the image making.

Do you have a favourite photo that he took of you?

My favourite photo he took of me is actually a nude that was shot quickly at the end of a Cosmo cover shoot (below). It was taken when I had a very short haircut. I am kneeling on an empty white studio floor looking over my shoulder at the camera. It’s more of a portrait really, and not glamorous at all.