NEW YORK - The upcoming Important Watches sale in New York on 10 June includes the incredible Titanium Collection amongst an array of collectible various owners’ property.

The ‘Titanium Collection’ is composed of ten bespoke and incredible Patek Philippe wristwatches, highlighted by several unique references and include the first ever split-seconds chronograph wristwatch to ever be completed by any manufacturer. Lot 175 was started in 1903 and eventually sold in 1923 and features an extraordinary Extra quality split seconds movement in a small 12’’ size intended for wearing on the wrist. The Officier style case, straight screwed lugs and impeccable enamel dial round out this immensely historically important piece. Estimated at $800,000-1,200,000, the watch has been presented at auction only once previously, in 1999, selling at that time for an equivalent of $1,918,387.

titanium-redo-5Patek Philippe's First Split-Seconds Chronograph Wristwatch, No 124824. An Historically Important Yellow Gold Split Seconds Chronograph Wristwatch with Enamel Dial, the Smallest and Earliest Known of Its Kind and Likely a Prototype MVT 124824 Case 235326. Started 1903 abd Completed by and Sold on October 13, 1923.

Not only made of titanium, the reference 3998T (lot 142) also has a unique dial printed with Egyptian hieroglyphics. Accompanied by two other lots with hieroglyphic dials in yellow gold, the 3998T presents a classic Calatrava in an updated and unique material. The reference 5033T (lot 80), created in the first batch of ten of the reference with Roman numeral dials, is a unique example of the annual calendar minute repeater and could be considered the most sought after annual calendar that Patek has ever made.

Patek Philippe. A Fine and Rare Titanium Automatic Wristwatch with Date and Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dial Ref 3998T MVT 3252875 Case 4255205, Made In 2003.
Patek Philippe. An Extraordinary, Previously Unknown and Likely Unique Titanium Wristwatch with a Diamond-Set Case Back Ref 3928t-001 MVT 1379668, Case 4253968, Made in 2003.
Patek Philippe. An Extremely Fine, Unique, and Previously Unknown Platinum Automatic Minute Repeating Perpetual Calendar Wristwatch with Retrograde Date, Moon Phases and Leap Year Indication, Featuring a Unique Reference Number and Caliber Ref 5103p MVT 1920000 Case 4285283 Made In 2004.
Patek Philippe. An Important Unique and Previously Unknown Titanium Automatic Astronomical Wristwatch with Sky Chart, Phases and Position of the Moon and Time of Meridian Passage of Sirius and the Moon Ref 5102T MVT 3328110 Case 4252502 Celestial Made In 2003.

Lot 141 combines a uniquely constructed titanium case with a mesmerizing 9.44 carat D-flawless diamond set to the case back. The watch demonstrates Patek Philippe’s zest for combining incredible technical prowess with subtle and striking aesthetics. The “Flawless Officer” reference 3928T (estimate $300,000-500,000) is a truly creative and baffling piece in its combination of technical innovation in the creation of the waterproof case and forging of the titanium hands and numerals, and the creative mind of putting a flawless diamond in the case back to display the ultrathin movement.

The collection does include the unique reference 5103P as well. Different than the 5104PR in case material (all platinum, as opposed to the platinum and pink gold), the 5103P perpetual calendar minute repeater also displays a true combination of artistry and mechanics in the intricate engraving to the movement and the case, both unique features. The 5103P was likely a prototype for the 5104PR, and is offered at $500,000-700,000.

Before the presentation of this collection, Patek Philippe had made only four previously known titanium pieces. The present collection adds to that number with the five unique examples offered for sale.

Lot 31 is the titanium reference 5102T. The Celestial, closest out of all the pieces to its relatives, only differentiates in the case material, and in this alone surprises the wearer in its transformation into an incredibly different piece. The shades of the brushed titanium case mixed with the rich blue of the sky chart create a mesmerizing piece of beauty and durability which can be truthfully worn and enjoyed.

The most impressive piece, lot 30, is the unique reference 5001T Sky Moon Tourbillon. Other than the material, there are multiple differences to this watch than the standard 5002. Case and dial patterns, the bezel, crowns and sky map dial all differentiate from the 5002, and with the watch made in 2000 the 5001T was likely a prototype for the later reference. The 5001T, estimated at $1,000,000-1,500,000, graces the cover of the June sale catalog, and is the ultimate in unique Patek Philippe wristwatches.

titanium-redo-8Patek Philippe. A Magnificent, Unique, and Previously Unknown Titanium Double Dialed Wristwatch with Twelve Complications, Featuring a Unique Reference Number Ref 5001t MVT 1909002 Case 4145394 Sky Moon Tourbillon. Made In 2000.

The collection is but a sample of the selection present in the June 10th sale in New York. These pieces present all bidders with an opportunity to own something truly unique and incredibly designed and manufactured that can be worn and shared for generations.