DERBYSHIRE, ENGLAND - Seeing the final four sculptures installed for the Beyond Limits selling exhibition (opening 9 September at Chatsworth House) was extremely rewarding and I experienced a great feeling of achievement, coupled with a slight sense of relief!  

The final week saw the biggest and most challenging installation of the exhibition, Alice Aycock's Cyclone Twist. The sculpture belongs to the Park Avenue Paper Chase project, which will open in New York in Spring 2014. Over the course of the week the piece rose higher and higher, attracting an audience of viewers around the canal pond. Comprising multiple sections and three tiers, the enormous twister now stands an impressive eight meters high.

Alice Aycock's Cyclone Twist is installed on the grounds of Chatsworth House.

Also among the final works to be installed was Allen Jones' Arabesque. It is a colourful addition to the canal pond and the arch under the two dancers frames the surrounding countryside beautifully.

It is incredibly satisfying to walk around the gardens and see all of the sculptures installed and I am extremely excited about this edition of Beyond Limits. A big thank you to Chatsworth and everyone involved.

Beyond Limits opens on Monday, 9 September.