DERBYSHIRE, ENGLAND - It has been a very busy and productive couple of weeks at Chatsworth House. 16 sculptures have been installed and we are now in our final week.

Among the highlights that have been installed in the last week are Marc Quinn's Spiral of the Galaxy, Jaume Plensa's Marianna, and Mario Merz's Igloo Ticino.

Marc Quinn’s Spiral of the Galaxy is installed at Chatsworth House.

The Merz was an exciting challenge, with the installation site becoming a true construction site; dozens of stone slabs, cross beams and metal clamps were arranged on the floor. It took us a couple of days to build the piece, ensuring that each stone slab fit perfectly in position, but the final piece was worth the effort.

Installing Mario Merz’s Igloos Ticino

The Plensa also required assembly. Each of the nine cast iron sections were brought out into the gardens and then carefully stacked and bolted. The piece is intriguing and mesmerising, with Marianna's features gaining depth as the viewer walks towards her from the far end of the canal pond in which her physiognomy is also beautifully reflected.

Jaume Plensa’s Marianna is installed at Chatsworth House.

Marc Quinn's giant shell has been installed at the end of the canal pond, the bronze glimmering as the sculpture catches the sun. A photograph of the installation was featured in The Times last week.

This week we are installing the final four sculptures. I am very excited about Alice Aycock's Cyclone Twist, a whirlwind assembled from twelve different parts. It is currently under construction along the canal pond and will stand an impressive eight meters high once installed.