Beijing- In the history of Chinese painting, the city of Nanjing has played an important role as a place of growth for many prominent artists. Sotheby’s Beijing autumn sale of Modern and Contemporary Chinese Art features a dedicated selection of works by a group of artists that have been active in Nanjing and whose paintings convey a distinctively refined watery style that illustrates the lush scenery of the Jiangnan region. This style appears not only in Chinese ink paintings, but also in oil paintings, prints and other forms of contemporary art.

Selected artists from Nanjing or cities in its surrounding region include Dong Xinbin, Jiang Hongwei, Jin Weihong, Xu Lei, Liu Dan, A Hai, Lei Miao, Li Jin, Moon Bong Sun, Shen Qin, Xu Lele, Xue Liang, Yang Chunhua, Zhang Youxian, Zhou Jingxin and Zhou Yiqing.

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