Old Master Q: What the @#$% Is Going On? has already welcomed nearly 5,000 visitors in Hong Kong.

HONG KONG - Sotheby’s Hong Kong Gallery has been buzzing the last ten days with the enchanting exhibition Old Master Q: What the @#$% Is Going On?The exhibition features 128 original drawings, in four- to six-frame panel as well as comic covers, from the treasured comic series created by Alphonso Wong Kar-hei (well-known by his pen name, Wong Chak). Sotheby’s Gallery has set new records, welcoming nearly 5,000 visitors in the first ten days and all the works on offer have been sold.

Sotheby’s hosted a full house for the opening on August 8th, which included a panel discussion and lively reception. I had the honour of moderating an insightful discussion with comic expert Yeung Wai Pong, collector and co-chairperson of Para/Site Art Space Alan Lau, Art Writer and Critic Evelyn Char, and Alphonso’s son Professor Joseph Wong, which provided both an academic perspective as well as a cultural context for the much beloved Old Master Q. Our guests also addressed the growing trends of collecting and valuing comics as an art form and its important role in popular culture.

Visitors to the Old Master Q: What the @#$% Is Going On? selling exhibition gather to take photos with the character.

The reception that followed featured mascots, a DJ set by Domting and large character cutouts as well as an interactive digital installation for guests to star in their own Old Master Q comic, provided by Live Communications agency Uniplan.

Do not miss the chance to visit the exhibition with your favorite Old Master Q characters!  The exhibition runs through August 29th.