Visitors to the The Odyssey of a Master: Chao Chung-hsiang exhibition at Sotheby's Hong Kong.

HONG KONG - The Odyssey of a Master: Chao Chung-hsiang opened at Sotheby’s Hong Kong Gallery on 27 February with a chain of events including a lecture, a cocktail reception and a debut music performance to celebrate the art and life of Chao. The evening was kicked off by the lecture entitled A Free Spirit Journey: The Art of Chao Chung-hsiang given by our honourable guest speakers Professor Zhou Jin of The Chinese University of Hong Kong and Professor Pedith Chan of City University of Hong Kong. The lecture took place in the main exhibition space of which the atmosphere was vibrant and we were all very excited about the overwhelming response and enthusiastic participation of the audience. Mrs. Alice King and Miss Katy Hsiu-chih Chien, prominent collectors and scholars of Chao Chung-hsiang respectively from Hong Kong and Taiwan, were among the guests.  

During the lecture, I remember vividly how Professor Zhou described his feelings ‘whenever I look at Chao’s work, my heart skips a beat’ with his hand pounded on his chest. It was a very emotionally evocative moment. Another memorable moment took place during a sentimental exchange between the two speakers and the audience on the core value and philosophical beliefs of the artist – success was measured by how much love one has given in his/her lifetime, not based on the glory, wealth or fame one has achieved. This is essentially what the curatorial message of the exhibition aims to convey.

A Free Spirit Journey: The Art of Chao Chung-hsiang.

During the cocktail reception, Hong Kong contemporary music composer Steve Hui debuted his new piece entitled Beyond the Times as a tribute and to bridge a dialogue from the young generations to Chao.

Sotheby’s Hong Kong Gallery would like to express our appreciation for the support and participation of the global art communities. Due to the popularity of the The Odyssey of a Master: Chao Chung-hsiang, we have decided to extend it to 21st March. We all hope that this exhibition will deepen our understanding and appreciation of Chao’s life, art, philosophies and his contribution to the art world.