TAIPEI - Situated in a picturesque suburb of Taipei, the National Palace Museum (NPM) is one of the best, if not the best, in the world. It is the mecca for collectors and connoisseurs of Imperial Chinese porcelain and Chinese paintings. The NPM has a magnificent collection of almost 70,000 pieces of Chinese artworks, books and manuscripts covering 8,000 years of Chinese history from Neolithic time to the last dynasty of Imperial China. Like the British Museum, the Louvre and the Metropolitan Museum, NPM is also a tourist destination for anyone visiting Taiwan.

The National Palace Museum in Taipei.

Sotheby’s is very privileged and indeed very pleased to announce that NPM has now joined our Preferred Museum Programme. From now on our Preferred Clients will be able to gain complimentary admission for themselves and up to three guests by presenting their Preferred Card at the entrance.
I was also very honoured that Madam Fung Ming Chu, the newly appointed Director and head of NPM, agreed to be interviewed by me, which I believed was a first by any international auction house. Before becoming the Director, Madam Fung had been working for the NPM for 34 years—ever since she left university—and is a well-known scholar in Chinese history and Imperial archives and manuscripts.

Madame Fung Ming Chu and I.

The interview took place at the NPM on 7 January 2013. Madam Fung was most charming, knowledgeable and engaging. She agreed to answer every single question that was suggested to her. During the interview, Madam Fung not only gave us a passionate description of the strength and treasures of the NPM, but also a very candid explanation of its relationship and cooperation with its counterpart on mainland China. On a more personal level, Madam Fung also revealed to us her affectionate devotion and commitment to her work and the planned expansion of NPM.