HONG KONG – Earlier this month, construction began on our beautiful new space on the 5th floor of One Pacific Place in Hong Kong. We are keeping our offices on the 31st floor, but this will give us additional galleries and a place to hold auctions. The space will be ready in May, and I look forward to telling you more about it soon.

In line with Chinese tradition, we held a quasi-religious ceremony before work could begin on the site. Both the date and the timing were only chosen after consulting a Feng Shui master. Senior managers from both Sotheby's Hong Kong and the construction company participated.

During the ceremony, food (roast pig and steamed chicken were a must), wines and burning incense were offered to the gods, and we all prayed for the safety for all concerned and the smooth completion of the project.

The roast pig and the chicken were all carved up immediately after the ceremony and shared at an on-site picnic. So the food was not really for the gods after all -- I hope they were not upset!