For those who value the unique, owning a historic castle is akin to owning a piece of art. Many of the castles, chateaux and cathedrals throughout Europe that were constructed from the late middle ages through the early 19th century contain signed frescoes, hand wood carvings and stained glasswork.

Throughout every major cultural era, the relationship between art and architecture has melded harmoniously. As such, many of the important Old Master painters and sculptors, especially those from the Renaissance era, excelled in multiple fields of the arts and sciences including architecture and engineering.
Here are three quintessential European castles currently on the market.

Trento, Italy | Outstanding Castle in the Dolomites

Trento, Italy |, Property ID 4000028266

This truly magnificent property is considered to be one of the best kept castles in Central Europe. Perched on the Italian mountainside, it enjoys the most spectacular views of the Alps and valley below. The castle has been owned since the 12th century by an illustrious and distinguished family, which has meticulously maintained and restored its original character throughout the eight centuries of ownership. With more than 80 rooms, the castle maintains much of the original wood paneled walls and one of the elegant halls features an amazing 16th century fresco. Under careful renovation, the entire technical equipment, including heating, wiring, electrical and water system, has been recently modernized and is in perfect working condition.

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Perpignan, France | Chateau d’Aubiry

Perpignan, France |, Property ID 4000010019

Chateau d’Aubiry, located near the historic town of Perpignan in southern France, was constructed under the instruction of the Bardou family in 1894 (completed 1900) by Danish architect Vigo Dorph Petersen. Justin Bardou-Job, heir to the world famous JOB brand of cigarette rolling paper, commissioned the chateau using his family’s fortune. Lavishly decorated, many of the bedrooms are themed such as the Chinese room decorated in honor of Bao Dai the last emperor of Indo China. The conservatory is appointed entirely of painted ceramics, including a signed ceramic painting by Hubert Paris (1900). In the entrance hall and along the staircase leading to the second floor is a fresco painted by Parisian artists Gervais and Henry Perrault (1905).

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Franciacorta, Italy | Historic Converted Castle

Franciacorta, Italy |, Property ID 4000030997

Located in the heart of Franciacorta in the northern region of Lombardy, this historic castle has been artfully converted into a residential mansion. The property consists of three dwellings: the oldest of which Villa Lana de’ Terzi built in the 15th century, Villa Pizzini built in the 18th century and a small church called “Santa Guilia.” Renovated in 2002, the villas are finely decorated and maintain many historic details including several original frescoes.

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