NEW YORK – Forget dinner and a movie. If you’re lucky enough to have Michael Cirino of A Razor, A Shiny Knife cook for you, you know the meal itself will be a spectacle. After curating a dinner the previous evening at Sotheby’s where he interpreted the dialogue between Impressionist, Modern and Contemporary artists through food, the culinary artist and performance provocateur returned to our New York headquarters on 30 April to kick off our Cocktails & Conversations event series. In our pop-up Baccarat Hotel & Residences lounge, Cirino shared his unique process and boundless imagination.   


Over wine, champagne and art-inspired Vosges truffles, a rapt audience was dazzled by Cirino, who described himself as “an artist that knows how to cook,” because unlike most chefs, he rarely prepares the same dish twice. Cirino’s passion for social cooking began shortly after college when he prepared casual meals with his family and friends who would bring their expertise from fields like architecture, engineering and performance together and experiment with out-of-the-box dining. Always one to push people out of their comfort zones – and later reassure them with Michelin-quality cuisine – Cirino spoke about a few of his most shocking professional events: a six-course extravaganza on the L train from Manhattan to Brooklyn, a life-size Monopoly game charity party in Panama and a 100-course meal, where a new dish was served every two minutes and fifteen seconds. Cirino also shared the inspiration for his meticulously choreographed dinner at Sotheby’s, captured in the video below.

As for what’s next, expect the impossible: Cirino hopes to serve a meal with drones that would queue elegantly like fine-dining waiters, seamlessly and flawlessly delivering everything from soup to ice cream over a wall from a kitchen to a dining room. For an entertainer like Cirino, the bigger challenge, the better the show.