NEW YORK – "People who want a luxury hotel, want a luxury hotel," explained Kemper Hyers, head designer of Starwood Capital Group, at Sotheby’s Cocktails & Conversations series in the pop-up Baccarat Hotel & Residences lounge on 7 May. "They want their martini just so. They want perfection. But they don't want to be bored." Dispassion is not something the Baccarat Hotel's guests will ever have to worry about, thanks to Hyers and Gilles & Boissier, the interior design team he hired to transform the 250-year-old brand's first property into "the dream French apartment in New York City."


Inspired by the key tenets of glamour, seduction and celebration, Hyers sought to translate Baccarat's unparalleled artistry and unique history of crystal craftsmanship (remember: this is a company that values perfection so intensely it rejects and recycles sixty per cent of its product) into a hotel that provides a truly unique experience. From the Aubusson carpets to the stage lighting to the art collection, which was put together by Parisian art connoisseur Frédéric Chambre after attending eighteen months of auctions, the entire hotel was thought out "to feel like theatre. This is Baccarat. You're going there to live the French life."

Next, Hyers and his team are looking to expand the Baccarat Hotel vision to other cities, including Doha – but wherever they go, each hotel will remain distinctly French. Like the New York property, where glass prisms cover the facade distorting the outward and inward-facing views, Hyers hopes that at least for 24 hours guests can "see the world through crystal."