NEW YORK - This week marks the inaugural edition of NEWD Art Show, a new art fair taking place in the artist-centric neighborhood of Bushwick and co-directed by Sotheby’s Institute faculty member Kibum Kim. Opening on May 30 and running through June 1, NEWD aims to reinvigorate the traditional art fair model and foster conversation about alternative ways to engage and support emerging artists.

What is NEWD Art Show? What distinguishes it from other art fairs?

NEWD is a new art fair in Bushwick that will bring together nine participants with strong curatorial voices – up-and-coming artist collectives, project spaces, galleries and nonprofits – in a beautiful industrial space. In conceiving of an art fair in Bushwick, we wanted to make sure the project is something that is additive to the neighborhood. Thus, we are showcasing programs working with emerging artists at the ground level, often giving artists their first shows. We also wanted it to be a project that supports and addresses issues affecting emerging artists today: through our talks on artist-centric issues, the debut of Level Rights's negotiated resale rights platform (founded by another SIA faculty member Franklin Boyd), and showcasing Artist Pension Trust's program.

The 1896, NEWD Art Show's venue in Bushwick.

What inspired you to launch NEWD?

Teaching at the Sotheby's Institute and having been a Bushwick resident for the past three years, I have a lot of discussions about the art market and the supposed paradigm shift we are seeing with the rapid growth of the contemporary art market, while also observing my neighborhood develop and change. My partner Kate, who has worked at Sotheby's and Andrea Rosen Gallery, and I thought it would be great to give a platform for critical attention and sales to programs in which we believe and bring more collectors out to Bushwick as well.

Why Bushwick?

Bushwick is the neighborhood of art production in New York today, and I think there is value to more collectors coming out to experience its vibrant artist-led culture. An objective of NEWD is to bring the artist and the collector together and foster a conversation about what it means to be an artist working today.

Andres Carranza will be showing with Residency Unlimited.

What do you hope people will take away from NEWD? What kind of experience are you trying to create? 

Our ambition is to organize a show that not only showcases great new art in a compelling way but also provides a fresh counterpoint to the art fair model and marks a positive step in Bushwick's development. There is a lot of talk today about the conflicts and inequalities of the art market; we would like to pose some questions and consider different approaches to benefit more intrepid artists and curatorial initiatives in the art world.

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Kibum Kim is a lawyer and writer interested in the interactions of art, culture, politics, law and business. He is a faculty member in the Art Business program at Sotheby’s Institute of Art in New York.