Warhol’s most stirring images serve to uncover the unsettling shadows inherent in modern life and this is a true exposition of the anxiety lurking beneath the Technicolor façade of 1960s America. The rare silver acrylic paint used here to offset the jet black of the silkscreen serves a dual purpose: evoking quite literally the “silver screen” – one of Warhol’s ultimate sources of inspiration – and also lending the painting a haunting lifelessness. Buzzing with menace, this painting seems to vibrate with the moment of electrocution, the thought of the overwhelming voltage temporarily rendering the world in stark black and white. Little Electric Chair encapsulates the full thrust of Warhol’s iconic and enigmatic artistic prowess.

ANDY WARHOL, LITTLE ELECTRIC CHAIR, 1964–65. ESTIMATE £3,500,000–5,500,000.


Contemporary Art Evening Auction

10 February 2016 | London