NEW YORK - An enthusiastic crowd of animal lovers gathered at the W Hotel on April 23. I was honored to act as guest auctioneer once again this year. It was a party with a difference. In place of a succession of “beautiful people” lined up in the usual New York “Step and Repeat” exercise before a group of hyperactive paparazzi, guests were photographed with an animal of their choice, including Russell, the wallaby, Lady Juanita, the parrot, Tarzan, the Common Squirrel Monkey, and Tinkerbell, the diminutive African Fennec fox, whose ears were almost as long as her body. These delightful companions were provided by Animal Adventures, Inc., who are involved in rescuing these exotic animals from inappropriate homes.

Andrea Arden, Nick Jacinto (of Animal Adventures), Tinkerbell the Fennec Fox, Winston Fisher.

The Alliance conducts scientific research that links human health to animal health by studying the effects of human development in specific animal environments, while supporting worldwide efforts to conserve endangered species. This auctioneer was given the task, among others, of selling the naming rights to a baby Pygmy Elephant, thus contributing to the over $350,000 raised during this worthwhile evening, a success that was due in part to the attractive hosts during the cocktail hour. They were irresistible!

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