- The life of a wine cask is a heroic yet despairing one. The natural series of chemical reactions between the wood of the cask and its contents give birth to a full-bodied, mature wine enriched by notes of the oak. Yet once the cask is dry and its work is done, the cask is often tossed aside or turned to pulp, its vital role in the finished product largely overlooked by those outside the industry.
But the project "New life for wooden barriques" seeks to grant these casks a second life. Conceived of by brothers Maurizo and Davide Riva, in conjunction with San Patrignano, the undertaking involves the creation of designer objects using the wood of barriques - casks capable of holding 230 litres that were found in the community's cellar.

This project not only gives new life to the wood, but to the people of San Patrignano, a community that for over 30 years has welcomed, free of charge, young men and women with serious problems linked to drug addiction. Thanks to the initiative, residents attempting to recover from difficult pasts have been able to challenge themselves by learning the nuances of a dying trade while putting themselves to the test with 30 of the world’s best known designers and architects who conceived of the design pieces.

All 30 pieces will be on view during New York's design week next month and will then tour to other major US cities throughout the summer. Below are five works that represent not only the breadth of creativity in these incredible designers but also showcase the artisanal craft of a bygone era that has captured the spirit of the youth in San Patrignano.