NBC’s Brian Williams hosted the 50th anniversary gala for The Horizons Student Enrichment Program.

- George Stevens, a legendary headmaster of the New Canaan Country School, sat in his office 50 years ago during summer vacation and saw before him a pristine, green, empty, unused campus, and he thought about how this situation might be corrected. The concept of a fresh air camp for inner city and low-income children sprung to mind, but this would be a camp with a difference. On top of the usual sports and summer fun, there would be a music program, academic tutoring, college admissions counseling and even college tours for the students. But first, everyone had to learn to swim in order to gain the confidence to tackle the other challenges. Today, there are 28 Horizon affiliates across the country. George’s dream grew into a magnificent, practical and successful reality. Of the class of 2012, all graduated from high school and 96% enrolled in college. These are stunning statistics.

Hosted by the inimitable Brian Williams, the gala drew some 400 friends of the program and raised significant funds for scholarships, with the active encouragement of some eloquent alumnae of this model program. Co-chairs Anne-Lie Kleeman and Sarah Casey led this successful charge with elegance and style.