Lot 01 of the FT’s Seasonal Appeal, David Burnett/Contact Press Images Launch of Apollo XI, first manned exploration of the moon. Spectators gather along the beach across from the launch pad at The Kennedy Space Center to watch the lift off that morning. Titusville, Florida, USA, July 16,1969.

LONDON - I am looking forward to auctioneering the Financial Times seasonal appeal again this year which will be held at the Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre on 15 November. As usual, the majority of the works have been donated by photographers linked to the newspaper, meaning there are some really stunning images up for grabs, many by some really prominent snappers. I am really pleased too that this year Sotheby’s is also contributing with a donation from our amazing Cecile Beaton archive.

The event is now in its third year, and the occasion kicks off the paper’s seasonal appeal. It was the brainchild of Annabel Cook and Katie Litchfield, stalwarts at the FT’s picture desk. The first sale was in aid of victims of the tsunami in Samoa. It was especially memorable as half the Samoan rugby team turned up to the auction, and the evening started with an amazing drumming display by a band of Samoan percussionists.

This year the sale proceeds all go to the Global Fund for Children, which helps transform the lives of the world’s most vulnerable children. There's always a great atmosphere and bags of good will, so I have high hopes when I am wielding the gavel at the Globe on 15 November.