Tommy Tune and I at the HCNY's benefit auction.


NEW YORK - It was not your usual Harvard Club evening.  The crest-laden chairs, the gentle snoozing of the alumni behind their newspapers, the hallowed hush and somber tones of the establishment banished for the night, as the formal-sounding Harvard Club of New York City Foundation (hereinafter referred to as HCNY) tossed off its academic regalia and held a bibulous wine event to raise money to support their worthy programs of financial aid, graduate school grants and other endeavors that have allowed inner city students to reap the benefits of a Harvard education.  Several of the over 400 scholars joined the party, including a live auction of opportunities to eat, drink, travel, attend sports events, and even acquire some jewelry and works of art. The live auction was followed by a “paddle raise,” to benefit HCNY.

The auction was followed by a superb song and dance concert performance by Tommy Tune, dressed in a bright red suit, who at 6 foot 7inches and 73 years old, dazzled his audience with his brilliant tap-dancing, and beguiled us with his repertoire of romantic show tunes until, all of a sudden, he stopped, having espied a large elephant’s head, staring at him from the oak-paneled wall, just below the rafters of  Harvard Hall.

“Is that an elephant?” he inquired.

It was.