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- This past January, in the midst of putting together our next Magnificent Jewels and Jadeite sale, I took time away to auction 38 magnificent objects of another variety -- painted elephants. They were on view throughout Singapore for two months, before being “adopted” by buyers at the auction, where we raised S$1.7 million. Proceeds from the event benefitted The Asian Elephant Foundation and Wildlife Reserves Singapore Conservation Fund.

The elephants were wonderfully displayed that evening in the St. Regis. Lined up on two levels around the room, they looked really amazing. Even though they are inanimate objects -- albeit decorated by artists like Ronald Ventura -- some of them looked so alive. Being a proud Singaporean, the “Delightful Durian” Elephant painted by Nat Posila & Ed Robinson caught my eye and my heart -- it was so adorable that I wanted to take it home. Everyone had their own favourite that evening, so bidding was animated and bubbly. So much fun!! And a great a cause!!