NEW YORK - In the interest of full disclosure, I am completely nuts about Paul Taylor and his eponymous dance company. For many years now, I have attended their gala performances, until last year held at City Center, climbed into a coach to be transported to Cipriani at 42nd Street, where, eventually, I have conducted fundraising auctions to benefit the company’s educational programs.

This year, both the performance and the gala dinner dance took place in the company’s new home, the David H. Koch Theater at Lincoln Center.
Some will claim that the new space lacks the intimacy of the City center stage. (How do you spell “cramped?”) Others will carp at the quality of the taped musical accompaniment – the cost of a live orchestra proved prohibitive. Yet others will bemoan the move because they dislike change of any kind. For this lover of dance in general and the Paul Taylor Company in particular, the migration to Lincoln Center signals a company that has grown up, reached its maturity, found the confidence to tackle a bigger stage (and a larger audience), to challenge the major leaguers of the dance field. This I welcome and applaud wholeheartedly.

Michael Trusnovec                                                                            Michelle Fleet

Amy Young


While it may be invidious to single out individual performers in what is quintessentially an ensemble troupe, I have to confess that Michael Trusnovec is beginning to acquire Greek god-like status in my eyes; Amy Young and Laura Halzack provide superb and elegant counterpoint to his inspired athleticism; and may I just add that the energy and enthusiasm expressed by Parisa Khobdeh and Michelle Fleet had this aging balletomane tapping his feet on the theater floor and smiling like the Cheshire Cat.