The illustrious Italian automaker Enzo Ferrari has produced some of the most legendary vehicles in motoring history. The theme of today’s Ferrari Friday is front engine, V-12 GT cars. Ferrari has a long legacy of comfortable cruisers which would turn into heart stopping beasts with a stab of the throttle. Check out a few of the examples available in RM Sotheby's Amelia Island auction.

1972 Ferrari 365 GTC/4 by Pininfarina. Estimate $325,000–375,000.


The 365 GTC/4 marked the end of the curvy, swooping styles of the 1950s and 1960s and started the era of the more aggressive and angular lines which would remain prevalent throughout the 1980s and 1990s. Packing a 320 bhp, V-12 under the hood, the car was more than capable of putting you back in your seat while still seating four (as long as your passengers in the back have short legs) and leaving room for some luggage. The car has also undergone a concours quality restoration and been driven sparingly since. This 365 GTC/4 is a well preserved example of what a Ferrari V-12 GT car should be.

1968 Ferrari 330 GTS by Pininfarina. Estimate $2,300,000–2,600,000. 


Keeping in tradition with the elegant designs that came out of Ferrari in the 1960s, the 330 GTS was built with luxury, comfort and performance in mind. Not only was it a comfortable, open top GT car with plenty of luggage room, it also featured a 300 bhp V-12 which could take the car up to an astonishing 150 mph, a blistering speed at the time. One of just 99 built, this particular 330 GTS was delivered to its first owner in San Fransisco before being sold to its next owner in Reno. It was then moved to the North East where it stayed for 17 years before being sold to its current owner. Finished in yellow over tan and optioned with a rare factory air conditioning unit, this car is an excellent and rare example of the 330 GTS.

2002 Ferrari 575M Maranello. Estimate $400,000–475,000. 


The Ferrari 575 Maranello is the continuation of a long legacy of front engine, rear wheel drive, V-12 Ferrari GT cars. With a top speed over 200 mph and a comfortable cuoio interior, the car is good for a rush of adrenalin or a nice relaxing cruise. Notable on this car is the ultra-rare six-speed, gated manual transmission. At the time the F1-style transmission was a popular option, but a handful of traditionalists stuck to the gated manual. This desirable non-option set up is rarely seen for sale.