SOUTH BEACH  – The international art world is on its Miami field trip this week and Sotheby’s is on hand to host a series of exclusive nightly events in a penthouse lounge at the new 1 Hotel South Beach. The series kicked off last night with a reception, hosted by Latin American Art specialists Axel Stein, Anna Di Stasi, Maria Bonta De La Pezuela and Raul Suarez. Among the guests were Sotheby’s CEO Tad Smith and Jorge Pérez, the real estate magnate and driving force behind the Perez Art Museum Miami. Smith chatted with Perez and his wife, Darlene as the band Marlow Rosado played the Latin tropical sounds that earned them a Grammy Award, and guests enjoyed appetizers by chef Fernando Cruz. Miami artist Cristina Lei Rodriguez was invited by Axel Stein to install her richly textured sculptures, wall pieces and benches in the penthouse interior. Made with concrete, wood, metal and gold leaf and other materials, Rodriguez’s work is meant to be used. “The pieces are intended to be part of life,” the artist explains of her work, in which the natural and the artificial come together in unexpected ways. “The bright green colour in the benches is like candy but it’s also the colour of Biscayne Bay.”  Rodriguez’s work will be in the penthouse all week and are available for sale.