NEW YORK - Frieze New York threw a party last night at Museum of Modern Art's PS1 in Queens, and the weather turned clear and cool for the hundreds of VIPs who showed up.


What the event lacked in bold-faced names it made up for in wacky décor—there were shiny, Mylar-covered pineapples hanging over the bar, on which tall bartenders kept bumping their heads. Were they piñatas? Or merely references to the fruity drinks sponsored by Absolut? I half-expected to be given a stick to whack them, hoping for tiny artworks to fall out.

Instead of waiting in the long lines for free drinks, some of the crowd opted to buy a good, cheap IPA beer, or to go inside and try some of the delicious (if oddly Canadian-inflected) food served up by M. Wells in their usual PS1 restaurant space.

In the museum’s courtyard, an enclosed dance venue was set up that looked like nothing so much as a Buckminster Fuller geodesic dome. Inside the orb, there was thumping dance music, and it was synced to undulating video projections. A few hearty souls danced.

This was all just a warm-up exercise, of course. The real action starts today at the fair itself on Randall’s Island, and goes through Monday. I’m heading out there momentarily—look for more reports in this space soon. And I’m keeping my eyes peeled for arty piñatas.