NEW YORK – Clare Vivier, the designer behind an eponymous line of handbags and home goods, has become beloved among a certain set of stylish women for her simultaneously classic and chic, yet playful creations. Regardless of the latest season's graphics or trends, she never loses sight of quality. We spoke with her about the appeal of minimalism, what every accessory should have and the pieces that she would buy in Sotheby's upcoming Fine Jewels auction.


In a few words – how would you describe your personal style?
A blend of classic, feminine pieces with menswear.

What do you think women are looking for in their accessories?
I think women are always looking for something to make their lives easier, but that also feels special. And I'm always trying to give them what they're looking for before they even know they want it. These days I do believe people are becoming more concerned with classic appeal and functionality.

For you, what’s the most important thing that every accessory should incorporate?
It should be enduring enough in its appeal that I can put it away and want to pick it back up weeks, months or even years from now.

Many women love your bags for their clean minimalism and classic aesthetic. Why do you so many people value classicism and craftsmanship?
I believe women want more than trends, and that's what we're constantly trying to achieve each season with our designs. Craftsmanship is what allows our pieces to last and eventually be passed down from generation to generation. 

What are you wearing right now in terms of jewellery? Any all-time favourite pieces?
My favourite pieces are the diamond Rolex watch that my dad gave to me for my thirtieth birthday that I never take off and an assortment of charms and pendants that I've been wearing around my neck on a longer chain. I'm never without a stack of Grace Lee rings and of course, my wedding band.

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