Enamelled vanity case set with gems, by Cartier, 1925. Estimate: CHF110,000 – 160,000 / US$115,000-165,000.

- This is the kind of piece you fall totally in love with… Of all the jewellery I have been privileged to see, this 1925 enamelled vanity case set with gems is a discovery as unexpected as it is beautiful. We only knew of it through a sketch. Was it the work of Charles Jacqueau, the Maison Cartier's illustrious designer? The mystery remains…This little vanity case designed to nestle in the palm of the hand enchants the eye with its jubilant colours. The Art Deco style attains the very height of elegance here. On the sides, we find an Egyptian column-like stylistic motif. The case has bouquets of small coral flowers at each end, and contains everything an elegant woman could need: powder compacts together with their essential puffs, a lipstick case, and other compartments designed for personal belongings. A folding mirror cleverly placed in the centre of the case is handy for a few touch-ups at any time during the evening. And lastly, a fine scattering of diamonds, pearls, emeralds and enamel gives the case a delicate glow. This treasure of ingenuity is an ode to refinement. Apart from its practical side and the purity of its lines, it seems to me like a subtle bouquet of flowers you would give to a woman desired in secret. Practical, chic… and terribly romantic."