When I first started following Maryam Eisler on Instagram, I knew almost instantly that one day I would be attending her photography show.  This was a natural-born photographer using Instagram as her playground. True to my hunch, we now have the pleasure of seeing a taster of her works at Tristan Hoare's gallery in the latest edition of the blazing new fair that is Photo London. On 1 November she will have a solo show at Hoare's new space in Fitzroy Square - a double-discovery we can't wait to see.


Maryam's current works on display are exquisite expressions of visual poetry underlined by a fine understanding of light. I have a theory that the American mid-West shares one thing with the Middle East: the extraordinary quality of its light. On a summer journey to the New Mexican wilds, Maryam found herself on a search for Eve, "my Mother Earth, standing atop the rocky inclines, as sensual and powerful as the monumental nature that surrounded her." Somewhere in the searing heat and the vast landscape, the adobe of the New Mexican dwellings and the stories of the wilderness, Maryam seems to have found a comforting relationship between the human body and these merging elements - one as fundamental to life as the other.


Her nudes are caressed and defined by the architecture of light. The viewer is drawn into the poetry of the human form, a primal subject which is most refreshing to re-visit - the universal language that it is.


For those who appreciate layers and nuances, Maryam's photographs offer a feast of possibility. Whether she addresses a leaf, a droplet of water or the curves of the feminine landscape, these are studies we like to look at endlessly, and read into them our own private poem.

Photo London is at Somerset House, 19–22 May. Take a look at 10 Things to do at Photo London