Olympia Grand Hall, where the fair will be held. Courtesy of Art13.

LONDON - If there were any doubts about the usefulness of a new art fair in London, the list of galleries attending the upcoming Art13 will dispel them rapidly. The inaugural edition will feature no fewer than 120 galleries from 30 countries – Brazil, South Korea, Singapore, Russia, Azerbaijan, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Estonia, Philippines – to name a few art scene newcomers. I for one cannot wait to see the world come to London! If one global location were to be chosen to host a truly international art fair, London must surely be the favourite.

Anticipating the profile opportunity, Citi Private Bank has stepped in as the lead sponsor and will lay on a series of VIP events and special offerings to serve their clientele in what promises to be an exciting and dynamic venture. Art13 is founded by Art Fairs London Ltd, the organisers behind ART Hong Kong. Showcasing modern and contemporary art from across the world, with a major presence from Asia, Middle East and North Africa, Western Europe and the Americas, the fair hopes to tread where others have only begun to step. Fair Director Stephanie Dieckvoss is a veteran of this world, having co-directed ART HK for its first two years and managed Frieze for five years before that. One can only anticipate the best from such a team.

Fair visitors will have a chance to attend international panels and discussions; there will be guided tours and collector initiatives – in short, everything a fair-goer would hope to experience in a world where fairs are beginning to resemble pilgrimages. “See Art, Love Art, Buy Art” chants the fair website. " 'A global art fair for a global city' is its catchphrase, and looking at the list, it seems apt," says the FT. I can’t argue with either. Hold your breath till February 28.