Outside the Doha exhibition.


DOHA - Some of the most important objects that come to Sotheby’s are as globe-trotting as the staff who look after them. My favorite Kashan lustreware bowl did not sit long on the department storage shelf. Two weeks ago it was taken back down to the basement to be packed and shipped to Doha where it would be shown as part of our Islamic Art travel exhibition.


Guests viewing the exhibition.


On 13 September the beautiful setting of Katara played host for two days to the most prized works from our upcoming sale, and over 150 people came for the preview reception. Seasoned expert Benny Carter was impressed by the attention the bowl received, and while visitors sweltered in the Gulf's late summer humidity outdoors, our Kashan bowl enjoyed perfect climate control in the winter of its air-conditioned vitrine. Qatar's I. M. Pei-designed Museum of Islamic Art of course boasts some of the finest Islamic ceramic-ware among its other treasures, and Doha has become something of a destination for the Islamic art cognoscenti for that reason.

Sotheby's Islamic specialist Benedict Carter and Kevin Doyle from Sotheby's New York admire the Kashan bowl on display in Doha.

By Sunday it was time for the Kashan bowl and its companions to be lovingly re-packed and shipped back to London where once again they will be un-crated, unwrapped and re-displayed – this time in the newly refreshed galleries at Bond Street. No doubt there will come a time when these objects will need passports and visa of their own.