PARIS - When it was announced that Sotheby’s Paris and our Galerie Aveline–Jean-Marie would be collaborating this autumn eyebrows were raised. Traditionally, of course, galleries and auction houses do not work hand-in-hand, but this show pairing European decorative arts with African sculpture marks a new departure to cross both collecting and commercial boundaries.

Afriques – Dialogue between African Art & 18th Century Decorative Arts, as the exhibition is titled, underlines not only the excellent relationship we have long enjoyed with Sotheby’s, but also a shared ambition to expand the market and awareness of 18th-century furniture beyond traditional collectors to a new audience. The exhibition has given us the enjoyable challenge to incite (and excite!) those new to a field they perhaps know little about, and to continue the dialogue between African art and European decorative arts, a conversation that has been ongoing since the 17th century.

Our goal, then, has been to encourage connoisseurs to admire supposedly disparate objects whose aesthetic qualities complement one another. The exhibition display has been carefully crafted by a set designer from the world of film allowing a spot light to be shone on these exquisite works, that here, removed from their usual context are confirmed as timeless works of art from two continents.
Marella Rossi is a director of Galerie Aveline–Jean-Marie Rossi.
Afrique(s) – Dialogue between African Art & 18th-century Decorative Arts
9–22 September (Sunday by appointment only)
Galerie Aveline–Jean-Marie Rossi Antiquaire,
94 rue du Faubourg-St-Honoré,
75008 Paris